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Other Titles: Клієнтоорієнтований підхід до ціноутворення сільськогосподарської техніки
Authors: Shcherbak, V.
Marchenko, S.
Keywords: logistics marketing pricing system
agricultural machinery manufacturer
market conditions
customer service
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Shcherbak V. Customer-oriented approach to pricing of agricultural machinery / V. Shcherbak, S. Marchenko V // Менеджмент : зб. наук. пр. — 2015. — Вип. 22. — С. 42—49.
Abstract: The paper deals with the authors’ research into substantiation of theoretical, methodological and practical principles of formation and implementation of a marketing logistics system of pricing of agricultural machinery manufacturers based on perception of the product value by agricultural machinery consumers. It substantiates the advisability of implementing a system of logistics support for marketing customer service policy in agricultural machinery industry produce markets, which helps manufacturers to gain sustainable competitive edges.
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