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Title: Use of electrochemically activated aqueous solutions in the manufacture of fur materials
Authors: Danylkovych, A. G.
Lishchuk, V. I.
Romaniuk, O. O.
Keywords: electroactivated aqueous solution
raw furs
Issue Date: 29-Feb-2016
Citation: Danylkovych Anatoliy G. Use of electrochemically activated aqueous solutions in the manufacture of fur materials / A. G. Danylkovych, V. I. Lishchuk, O. O. Romaniuk // SpringerPlus. — 2016. — 5:214.
Abstract: The influence of characteristics of electrochemically activated aqueous processing mediums in the treatment of fur skins with different contents of fatty substances was investigated. The use of electroactive water, namely anolytes and catholytes, forgoingantiseptics or surface-active materials (SAMs), helped to restore the hydration of fur skins and to remove from them soluble proteins, carbohydrates and fatty substances. The activating effect of anolyte and catholyte in solutions of water on the processes of treating raw furs is explained by their special physical and chemical properties, namely the presence of free radicals, ions and molecules of water which easily penetrate cells’ membranes and into the structure of non-collagen components and microfiber structure of dermic collagen. The stage of lengthy acid and salt treatment is excluded from the technical treatment as a result of using electroactivated water with high oxidizing power. A low-cost technology of processing different kinds of fur with the use of electroactivated water provides for substantial economy of water and chemical reagents, a two- to threefold accelerationof the soaking and tanning processes and creation of highly elastic fur materials with a specified set of physical and chemical properties. At the same time the technology of preparatory processes of fur treatment excludes the use of such toxic antiseptics as formalin and sodium silicofluoride, which gives grounds to regard it as ecologically safe.
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