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Title: The Geometrical Analysis of Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics
Authors: Kyzymchuk, Olena
Ugbolue, Samuel C.
Kim, Yong K.
Keywords: auxetic structure
fabric geometry
in-laying yarn
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Ugbolue et al., J Textile Sci Eng 2015, 5:3 or Ugbolue S.C. Geometrical Analysis of Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics / Ugbolue S.C., Kyzymchuk O., Kim Y.K .// J Textile Sci Eng – 2015. - Volume 5, Issue 3:201. doi:10.4172/2165-8064.1000201
Abstract: Despite considerable interests that have been shown on the formation, properties and characteristics of auxetic knit structures there remains a dearth of information about the fundamental geometrical analytics of warp knit auxetic fabrics. This paper examines the geometrical model of auxetic warp knit structure and validates its characteristics with data obtained from experimental analysis of nine recently produced warp knit auxetic fabrics.
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