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Authors: Єрмоленко, Інна В'ячеславівна
Keywords: сіткополотно
основов'язане полотно
технічний текстиль
трикотаж філейного переплетення
technical textiles
fillet knitted fabriс
Issue Date: May-2013
Citation: Єрмоленко І. В. Новий аспект використання основов’язаних сіткополотен / І. В. Єрмоленко // Вісник ХНУ. – 2013. – № 3 (201). – С. 74-78.
Abstract: В статті проаналізовано сучасний стан розвитку технічного текстилю, а саме основов’язальних сітчастих полотен. Розглянуті основні сфери їх використання у техніці та медицині, наведено конкретні приклади продукції з сіткополотна
Abstract – The aim of the research is to analyze the main trends of the warp-knitting mesh and scope of their use in technique and medicine. The author analyzes the current stage of technical textiles, such as warp knit mesh fabrics. The article is providing specific examples of such products. Grids are widely used in cars to protect against wind and sun; as pockets on the back seat, in the baggage compartment and doors, as well as seats. One of the best inventions of our time is to manufacture parabolic antennas for space industry. Anyone constructing can’t be done without protective front mesh. The using of fillet knitted fabriс are very important in agriculture to protect fruit trees and bushes from birds, hail, wind and for harvesting. Wide use of warp-knitting mesh is at the fisheries sector and in the packaging products. As hometech warp-knitting mesh is used for manufacture office chairs and mattresses. Warp-knit mesh is used at almost all sports: in sports shoes and clothing provides good air permeability, aesthetic design and protection from stones. Unable to provide medicine without meshes, which are used for reconstruction of hernias and endoprothesis. The diversity and scope of using warp-knit mesh in technique, household and medical purposes deserve attention and further investigation. Mesh knitting fabric is improving every day for a specific product or area that is why growth potential for its further is impetuous nature.
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