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dc.contributor.authorKhaustova, Yevheniia-
dc.contributor.authorBreus, Svitlana-
dc.contributor.authorDenysenko, Mykola-
dc.contributor.authorZinchenko, Elena-
dc.contributor.authorTohochynskyi, Olekcii-
dc.identifier.citationQuality improvement of higher education as a factor of intellectual capital development / Ye. Khaustova, S. Breus, M. Denysenko, E. Zinchenko, O. Tohochynskyi // Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal. – 2018. – Vol. 24, Issue 4. – P.
dc.description.abstractThe proposed science approach of higher education quality allows to perform permanent persevering influence on increasing the knowledge based capital. The system of assessment of internal provision of higher education quality at university is built on the ground of competency approach. The analytical formula of calculation of integrated quality measure of higher education quality at university is proposed on the basis of qualimetric approach. Proposed method of assessment allows to observe and control the quality of education at university as complex system comprehensive characteristic which reflects its activity having many aspects as a whole of interrelated
dc.subjecthigher education qualityuk
dc.subjectintegrated measureuk
dc.subjecteducational processuk
dc.titleQuality improvement of higher education as a factor of intellectual capital developmentuk
dc.title.alternativeПідвищення якості вищої освіти як фактора розвитку інтелектуального капіталуuk
local.subject.sectionЕкономіка, фінанси, менеджментuk
local.sourceAcademy of Entrepreneurship Journaluk
local.subject.facultyФакультет економіки та бізнесуuk
local.identifier.sourceВидання, які входять до міжнародних наукометричних БД Scopus та Web of Scienceuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра бізнес-економіки та туризмуuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра менеджментуuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра обліку і аудитуuk
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Кафедра менеджменту (М)
Кафедра обліку і аудиту (ОА)

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