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dc.contributor.authorShevchenko, O.en
dc.identifier.citationShevchenko O. Modernization of quality management system of higher education institutions = Модернізація системи управління якістю вищих навчальних закладів [Текст] / O. Shevchenko // Менеджмент. - 2016. - Вип. 24. - С.
dc.description.abstractWith increasing competition in the market of educational services, a necessary condition for successful development of higher education institutions is the continuous improvement of exiting management system towards a common integrated quality management system. This management approach serves to improve the level of teaching and the educational system in general and ensure the most efficient utilization of all available resources. To determine the general direction of modernization of the total quality management system in higher education institutions based on ISO standards. In this article, the following general scientific empirical and theoretical methods as were used (the problems and benefits of implementing ISO 9001: 2015 "Quality Management System" and ISO 50001: 2011 " Energy management System ") as well as "Quality Management System" and ISO 50001: 2011 " Energy management System ") as well as systems analysis (to determine whether use approaches and international standards for quality management decision-making). The feasibility of implementing a total management system based on integrated ISO standards for higher education institutions have been investigated. Recommendations for implementing integrated quality management system based on international standards ISO will allow optimizing management processes in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.en
dc.subjectresource consumptionen
dc.subjectquality management systemen
dc.subjectenergy management systemen
dc.subjecta series of international standards ISOen
dc.subjecthigher educationen
dc.titleModernization of quality management system of higher education institutionsen
local.contributor.altauthorШевченко, О.uk
local.source.numberВип. 24uk
local.subject.facultyФакультет економіки та бізнесуuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра підприємництва та бізнесуuk
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