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dc.contributor.authorNifatova, O.en
dc.identifier.citationNifatova O. Methodical approach to the definition of HoReCa brand efficiency = Методичний підхід до визначення ефективності HoReCa бренда [Текст] / O. Nifatova // Менеджмент. - 2016. - Вип. 24. - С.
dc.description.abstractIntensive development of hotel and restaurant business demands fast adaptation to sudden changes in services and branding activities. The statistical data show that in recent years the national HoReCa sector developing in adverse conditions, including unstable economic and political situation of the country, that reduces business activity of tourism. The active use of branding will facilitate improvement of the situation in national HoReCa sector. Existing methodology does not take into account the determining influence of brand for the development of HoReCa sector. Therefore, the goal of the research is to systematize approaches to determination of the brand effectiveness and to form complex system of indicators that evaluate brand effectiveness in HoReCa sector. In the course of writing used such methods of research as epistemological analysis: analytical, logical, generalizations, and decomposition of abstraction. The article is devoted to analyses of methodical approaches to the definition of brand efficiency in hotel and restaurant business. There has been defined the system of indicators to measure the efficiency of brand management in hotel and restaurant business. That will most effectively reflect the relative success of the brand. The proposed system of indicators to measure the efficiency of brand management in the hotel and restaurant business, will evaluate activities of branding both in terms of comparison with objects of HoReCa without the brand (absolute value of the index) and compared to other brands performance indicators, which reflect the relative performance of the developed brand.en
dc.subjectbrand efficiencyen
dc.subjectbrand equityen
dc.subjectbrand awarenessen
dc.titleMethodical approach to the definition of HoReCa brand efficiencyen
local.contributor.altauthorНіфатова, О.uk
local.source.numberВип. 24uk
local.subject.facultyФакультет економіки та бізнесуuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра підприємництва та бізнесуuk
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