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dc.contributor.authorMelnyk, Alona-
dc.contributor.authorShatska, Zorina-
dc.identifier.citationMelnyk A. Business structures, as new forms of institution, in context of the civil society development / A. Melnyk, Z. Shatska // Social and legal aspects of the development of civil society institutions : collective monograph. – Part I. – Warsaw : BMT Erida Sp.z o.o., 2019. – P.
dc.description.abstractThe key role of civil society in shaping a democratic state is determined. The essence and structure of civil society institutions are determined. It is proved that in addition to existing institutions, in modern civil society new forms of institution - business structures have been formed. The essence of the definition of the concept "business structure" is characterized and their classification is described. The difference between business structures from traditional enterprises is revealed. It is systematized as a prerequisite for the formation of such structures in a market economy. The factors of influence of business structures on the development of civil society are generalized. It is proved that modern business structures, as powerful integrated systems of self-governing economic entities of various organizational and legal forms operating in a market environment or in a global Internet network (network business structures), have a decisive, positive and negative impact on development of civil society in the
dc.subjectbusiness structuresuk
dc.subjectcivil societyuk
dc.titleBusiness structures, as new forms of institution, in context of the civil society developmentuk
dc.title.alternativeБізнес структури, як нові форми інституцій в контексті розвитку громадянського суспільстваuk
local.contributor.altauthorМельник, Альона Олексіїва-
local.contributor.altauthorШацька, Зорина Ярославівна-
local.subject.sectionЕкономіка, фінанси, менеджментuk
local.sourceSocial and legal aspects of the development of civil society institutionsuk
local.subject.facultyФакультет економіки та бізнесуuk
local.identifier.sourceЗарубіжні виданняuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра економіки та сфери обслуговуванняuk
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