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dc.contributor.authorНенастина, Т. А.ru
dc.contributor.authorВедь, М. В.ru
dc.contributor.authorПроскурина, В. О.ru
dc.contributor.authorЗюбанова, С. И.ru
dc.identifier.citationЭлектрохимическое осаждение Co-Mo-W и Co-Mo-Zr покрытий из комплексных электролитов [Текст] / Т. А. Ненастина, М. В. Ведь, В. О. Проскурина, С. И. Зюбанова // Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019 : monograph / ed.: V. Z. Barsukov, Yu. V. Borysenko, V. G. Khomenko, O. V. Linyucheva ; editor-in-chief V. Z. Barsukov. - Kyiv : KNUTD, 2019. - С.
dc.description.abstractThe regularities of ternary Co-Mo-W and Co-Mo-Zr alloys deposition from citratepyrophosphate electrolytes in galvanostatic and pulsed modes are established. It is proved that the composition and current efficiency of the alloys depend on the nature of the alloying metals and the electrolysis duration. Сitrate-pyrophosphate electrolytes of Co-Mo-W and Co-Mo-Zr alloys deposition have a high scattering ability, and for the Co-Mo-W electrolyte in the current density range 0,5–1,5 A/dm2, the value of this parameter is more than 90%.en
dc.subjectternary alloysen
dc.subjectpulse electrolysisen
dc.subjectcitrate-pyrophosphate electrolytesen
dc.subjectthe surface morphologyen
dc.subjectscattering abilityen
dc.titleЭлектрохимическое осаждение Co-Mo-W и Co-Mo-Zr покрытий из комплексных электролитовru
dc.title.alternativeElectrochemical deposition of Co-Mo-W and Co-Mo-Zr coatings from complex electrolytes
local.contributor.altauthorNenastina, T. A.en
local.contributor.altauthorVed', M. V.en
local.contributor.altauthorProskurina, V. O.en
local.contributor.altauthorZyubanova, S. I.en
local.sourcePromising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019uk
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