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dc.contributor.authorУщаповський, Д. Ю.uk
dc.contributor.authorЛінючева, О. В.uk
dc.contributor.authorРедько, Р. М.uk
dc.contributor.authorДоронкіна, Л. А.uk
dc.identifier.citationЕлектроосадження тривимірних структурованих осадів з олова, допованого кадмієм [Текст] / Д. Ю. Ущаповський, О. В. Лінючева, Р. М. Редько, Л. А. Доронкіна // Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019 : monograph / ed.: V. Z. Barsukov, Yu. V. Borysenko, V. G. Khomenko, O. V. Linyucheva ; editor-in-chief V. Z. Barsukov. - Kyiv : KNUTD, 2019. - С.
dc.description.abstractCadmium-doped tin coatings (0.45 wt.% of Cd) with a highly developed surface structure, a promising material for the electro-reduction of carbon dioxide to formates have been electrodeposited. For electrodeposition, a low-toxic sulfate electrolyte has been proposed, which allows to obtain microstructured deposits with a high uniformity and reproducibility of structure. It is shown that the electrodeposition of cadmium doped tin from the selected electrolyte occurs with diffusion limitations caused by the presence of the organic additive OP-10, which also explains the formation of deposits with an appropriate structure.en
dc.subjectcadmium doped tinen
dc.subjectstructured depositsen
dc.subjectdiffusion limitationsen
dc.titleЕлектроосадження тривимірних структурованих осадів з олова, допованого кадміємuk
dc.title.alternativeElectrodeposition of three-dimensional structured cadmium doped tin coatings
local.contributor.altauthorUschapovskyi, D. Yu.en
local.contributor.altauthorLinyucheva, O. V.en
local.contributor.altauthorRedko, R. M.en
local.contributor.altauthorDoronkina, L. A.en
local.sourcePromising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019uk
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