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dc.contributor.authorKaterynchuk, Kateryna-
dc.contributor.authorDiorditsa, Ihor-
dc.contributor.authorKovalenko, Inna-
dc.contributor.authorKyrenko, Sergij-
dc.contributor.authorTrotsiuk, Nina-
dc.identifier.citationProtection of human health: medical and legal aspects / K. Katerynchuk, I. Diorditsa, I. Kovalenko, S. Kyrenko, N. Trotsiuk // Cuestiones Políticas. – 2021. – Vol. 39, № 70. – P.
dc.identifier.issn0798-1406 Versión Impresauk
dc.identifier.issn2542-3185 Versión on lineuk
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of study is to develop scientifically based recommendations for introducing amendments and additions to existing legislation, as well as the development of new regulatory legal acts and measures, aimed at systematic counteraction to criminal offences against human health. In paper have been used a systematically structural method (to investigate the concept of harm to human health). Using the statistical method by degree of coverage of units a one-time statistical questionnaire (statistical observation of a certain part of the units of the statistical population based on the principles of voluntariness of responses and the possibility of incomplete return from respondents of filled statistical forms) was held. The results of the study the following points are proposed: to consider the protection of human life and body at the international level to be interconnected associated categories forming an organic unity, which require equivalent protection; to modify an existing criminal legislation in terms of criminal offences against health of a person; to offer a range of proposals to detail signs of bodily injury and take them into account during the developing of new Rules of forensic medical determining the severity of bodily
dc.subjectdamage to human healthuk
dc.subjectmedical malpracticeuk
dc.subjectcrimes against healthuk
dc.titleProtection of human health: medical and legal aspectsuk
local.sourceCuestiones Políticasuk
local.subject.facultyІнститут права та сучасних технологійuk
local.identifier.sourceВидання, які входять до міжнародних наукометричних БД Scopus та Web of Scienceuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра приватного та публічного праваuk
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