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dc.contributor.authorTaranenko, Yuliia-
dc.contributor.authorBuhaiets, Nataliia-
dc.contributor.authorKyrychenko, Rymma-
dc.contributor.authorCherniak, Daryna-
dc.contributor.authorMnozhynska, Ruslana-
dc.contributor.authorPaskevska, Iuliia-
dc.identifier.citationApplication of electronic information and educational environment in innovative educational activities / Yu. Taranenko, N. Buhaiets, R. Kyrychenko, D. Cherniak, R. Mnozhynska, Iu. Paskevska // International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS). – July 2022. – Vol. 22, No. 7. – P.
dc.description.abstractThe article deals with the theoretical and methodological foundations of innovative approaches in the modern education system. The issues of introducing computerized and telecommunication technologies are characterized, which allow switching to distance learning (DL), which is a promising form of the system of open education support in the modern educational process. Special attention is paid to the study of practical technologies of vocational training and the activities of a teacher and innovative areas of vocational training of
dc.subjecthigher educationuk
dc.subjecteducation systemuk
dc.subjectinformation competenceuk
dc.subjectcomputer technologyuk
dc.titleApplication of electronic information and educational environment in innovative educational activitiesuk
local.subject.sectionСоціально-гуманітарні наукиuk
local.sourceInternational Journal of Computer Science and Network Security (IJCSNS)uk
local.subject.facultyФакультет індустрії модиuk
local.subject.facultyФакультет культурних і креативних індустрійuk
local.identifier.sourceЗарубіжні виданняuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра професійної освіти в сфері технологій та дизайнуuk
local.subject.departmentКафедра філософії та культурологіїuk
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Кафедра професійної освіти в сфері технологій та дизайну (ПОСТД)
Кафедра філософії та культурології (ФК)

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