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Title: History and the present of entrepreneurial activity
Other Titles: Історія та сучасність підприємницької діяльності
Authors: Hrashchenko, I. S.
Khmurova, V.
Krasniuk, Svitlana
Keywords: market conditions
entrepreneurial activity
mixed economy
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Hrashchenko I. S. History and the present of entrepreneurial activity / I. S. Hrashchenko, V. Khmurova, S. A. Krasniuk // National Economic Reform: experience of Poland and prospects for Ukraine : collective monograph / edited by A. Pawlik, K. Shaposhnykov. – Vol. 3. – Poland, Kielce : "Izdevnieciba "Baltija Publishing", 2016. – P. 81-104.
Source: National Economic Reform: experience of Poland and prospects for Ukraine
Reforma gospodarki narodowej: doswiadczenie Polski i perspektywy dla Ukrainy
Abstract: This article focuses on the problems of business development in Ukraine. Considering questions of state regulation and self entrepreneurship, is illuminated the process of the development such concepts as «entrepreneur» and «entrepreneurship». In particular, attention concentrates on the emergence and understanding of the essence of entrepreneurial idea and business potential, development of the business sector and forms of self-organization of business subjects. Determined factors of the influence on emergence of the entrepreneurial idea. Specified the dependence between the development of entrepreneurship in the state and the innovation and investment direction of the state policy. There are considering features of motivation of entrepreneurs and business development in general in Ukraine. It is proved that cooperation between an enterprise and a type of external environment should be formed on the basis for establishing a balance of technical, practical and industrial interests. For the entreprise functioning in the current market conditions it is not enough to have only «land, labour, capital», but also harmoniously combine financial, industrial and social environment, that is to contribute to the stability and sustainability of development, actively collaborate with partners, customers, suppliers and even competitors. And the most important is to fight actively for «a place in the market.» So in this article we discuss a set of conditions that are necessary for the development of enterprise in today's market environment.
Faculty: Інститут права та сучасних технологій
Department: Кафедра філології та перекладу
ISBN: 978-9934-8585-4-3
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