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Title: From ontology to technology, from reality to virtuality
Authors: Yatsenko, O.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Київський національний університет технологій та дизайну
Citation: Yatsenko O. From ontology to technology, from reality to virtuality / O. Yatsenko // Дослідження проблем гуманітарної освіти : зб. наук. пр. за підсумками дискусій на міжкафедральному науковому семінарі (15 листопада 2018 р., м. Київ) / ред.: А. В. Сакун, Т. І. Кадлубович, Ф. М. Проданюк, Д. С. Черняк. – Київ : КНУТД, 2018. – С. 132-135.
Abstract: A technics and technology exist as long as human civilization. Human is not just able to adapt to the habitat, but can also change the world according to the own order. In March 2014 World Health Organization has reported that in 2012 around 7 million people died, what is one eight of the total global deaths, in the result of the exposure of air pollution. It is generally known that this is not just the only one result caused by the pollution of the environment. The consequences of human's influence to nature are so huge and irreversible, that the solution of the problem seems to be the creation of new virtual reality. The number of the internet users attained to 3 000 000 000 persons in July of this year. The third part of the planet's population spends one third of spare time in the internet. Families spend just eight hours a week together on average, during the weekend in the best case two hours twenty minutes are devoted to the communication between family's members, during the week the amount of that time shrinks to just 36 minutes in a day on average. So, the problem of subjectivity, society and communication grows rapidly and is of the highest current interest.
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