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Title: Diversification of business activities in rural areas
Authors: Zaburanna, L.
Keywords: sustainable development
rural areas
rural economy
organic farming
rural tourism
cluster analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Zaburanna L. Diversification of business activities in rural areas = Диверсифікація підприємницької діяльності в сільській місцевості [Текст] / L. Zaburanna // Менеджмент. - 2015. - Вип. 22. - С. 56-69.
Source: Менеджмент
Abstract: The article deals with the importance of sustainable development on rural areas. The main criterion for sustainable development of the agricultural sector is improvement of the quality of life of farmers, rural population, and the nation that would base on preservation of life supporting systems. It was identified that agricultural production and agricultural employment are able not only to provide the appropriate level of income as a basis for quality living conditions of farmers, therefore, there exists an objective need for diversification of the rural economy. Identified several promising fields for diversification of business activities in rural areas that would ensure sustainable development of the agrarian sector, namely the development of organic farming and rural tourism.
ISSN: 2415-3206
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