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Title: Innovative enterprise in ukraine as basis of economic development
Authors: Prudnikova, N.
Keywords: innovative enterprise
economic development
transformation stages of development
innovative potential
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Prudnikova N. Innovative enterprise in ukraine as basis of economic development = Інноваційне підприємництво в Україні як основа економічного розвитку [Текст] / N. Prudnikova // Менеджмент. - 2016. - Вип. 24. - С. 143-150.
Source: Менеджмент
Abstract: Should be noted that so far neither abroad nor in Ukraine has not yet been established generally accepted economic theory of entrepreneurship, although the need for such a theory has long been rather urgent. "Three waves" of development of theory of business functions – it allows you to describe the development process of scientific understanding of business practices. The research aims to study and disclosure key aspects of formation of innovative business in Ukraine. Abstract-logical method – for specification and justification of the main provisions of the innovative enterprise development. Method of expert assessments – to determine the competitive advantage of innovative companies; graphical method – for visual representation of theoretical and practical study. A theoretical principles of innovative business development in Ukraine have been grounded and proposed for further implementation, a analysis of strategic initiatives and models of Ukraine in the context of innovation and structural change is conducted, transformational stages in Ukraine’s development and their characteristics are identified, revealing the decisive role of innovative entrepreneurship in particular as the basis and engine of economic progress in the above process. Changes taking place in Ukraine and related to changes in property relations and its structural adjustment require very large investments and developing of innovative policies for long term.
ISSN: 2415-3206
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