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Title: Crisis management in the banking system
Authors: Kravchenko, V.
Keywords: the banking crisis
financial stability
impact factors
regression model
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Kravchenko V. Crisis management in the banking system = Антикризове управління в банківській системі [Текст] / V. Kravchenko // Менеджмент. - 2016. - Вип. 24. - С. 29-42.
Source: Менеджмент
Abstract: The economic and political crisis in the country, led commercial banks to unprofitable activities. Taking into account, the crisis and the number of liquidated banks today remains unresolved question of the banking sector in Ukraine, which until now hampered by a number of factors that negatively affect its status. The aim of the study is to identify factors that pour the activities of the banking system and to develop methods of integrated assessment of its financial status. Regression model used to assess the financial status of the banking system with long-term horizon of its prediction. Conducted the analysis of the financial status of Ukraine banking system, basic causes of bank failures, factors that affect their financial position. Proved that the regression model shows the dependence of the financial status of the banking system of change of capital assets and real population income. The obtained value of banks performance during the crisis in Ukraine banking system correlates with statistics of certain periods. The proposed methodology of the financial status assessment of the banking system, allows respond quickly to prevent crisis. This approach can be used for early diagnosis of the banks financial status.
ISSN: 2415-3206
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