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Title: Planning of educational services in universities in the contex of branding concept
Authors: Plysenko, G.
Vitryak, T.
Keywords: higher education
economic and mathematical modeling
education market
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Plysenko G. Planning of educational services in universities in the contex of branding concept = Планування обсягів реалізації освітніх послуг вищого навчального закладу в контексті брендингової концепції [Текст] / G. Plysenko, T. Vitryak // Менеджмент. - 2016. - Вип. 24. - С. 81-87.
Source: Менеджмент
Abstract: in modern educational market, effective technique for planning educational services in the context of branding concept is simulation. The domestic educational market is characterized by a number of factors to evaluate the results of which is possible by using economic and statistical methods that would allow forecasting and sales planning of educational services. The purpose of the study – factor analysis of indicators, objectively reflects the overall state of the education market in the context of branding concept. The study used the following general-scientific and special methods: scientific generalization and systematization – to determine the characteristics of the educational services market and define the role of the brand in this market; comparative analysis – for comparing scientific approaches to determining the role of branding concept in the education market; system analysis – to identify factors influencing the amount of realized educational services; transformation – to structure the statistical data about the state of the education market; economic and mathematical modeling – to construct multi-model planning for educational services of higher education; logical synthesis – to explain the results of the study. Factor indicators objectively reflect the overall state of the education market. The estimation of the adequacy of the proposed model is performed and recommended for predicting market trends. The correlation-based regression model of dependencies between targets indicators and indicators of educational services provides planning on the education market and is relevant in developing branding strategies; this model will allow universities to optimize educational activities, to increase competitive advantage on the market by removing unclaimed professions from the list of offered services.
ISSN: 2415-3206
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