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Title: Traditional elements of Chinese culture in logo design
Authors: Liu, Jiangxin
Krotova, Tetyana
Yezhova, Olga
Pashkevich, Kalina
Keywords: Chinese traditional culture elements
logo design
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Jiangxin Liu. Traditional elements of Chinese culture in logo design / Jiangxin Liu, T. Krotova, O. Yezhova, K. Pashkevich // International Circular of Graphic Education and Research. – 2018. – No. 11. – P. 66-75.
Source: International Circular of Graphic Education and Research
Abstract: China is rich in traditional culture elements, which have a long history. In this paper, they are divided into patterns, words, colors and so on according to the visual performance of the elements. The paper analyzes the combination of the traditional culture elements and modern culture with its modern symbols in outstanding works and personal logo designs. This article discusses the influence of the contemporary logo design on the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional culture, as well as on the culture characteristics of the logo design. The success of these designs, which are the essence of Chinese traditional culture, with the development of the enterpreneurship and brand all around the world, shows the deep and infinite charm of Chinese culture to the world.
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Department: Кафедра ергономіки і дизайну
Кафедра мистецтва та дизайну костюма
ISSN: 1868-0712
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