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Title: Improvement of structure determining qualitative characteristics of hydrophobized velour
Authors: Danylkovych, A.
Lishchuk, Viktor
Shakhnovsky, Arcady
Keywords: nutria velour
velour properties
McLean-Anderson method
multicriteria optimization
hierarchical method of successive concessions
Issue Date: Sep-2020
Citation: Danylkovych A. Improvement of structure determining qualitative characteristics of hydrophobized velour / A. Danylkovych, V. Lishchuk, A. Shakhnovsky // Fibres and Textiles (Vlákna a textil). – 2020. – № 3, Vol. 27, September. – P. 41-48.
Source: Fibres and Textiles
Vlákna a textil
Abstract: The paper studies optimization of formulation of the alkenmalein-acrylsyntane composition in manufacturing of hydrophobized nutria fur velour with high structural and defining characteristics. A modified McLean and Anderson method was used to synthesize the experimental design. Mathematical modeling approach as well as a hierarchical technique of multi-objective optimization led to the identification the optimal formulation of the filling and hydrophobicizing composition. Based on the experimental results, an adequate non-linear mathematical model “formulation of the alkenmaleinacrylsyntane composition vs properties of fur velour” was constructed. The hierarchical method of successive concessions (epsilon constrained method) allowed to optimize the composition formulation. The optimal composition comprises 37.7 % m/m of alkenmalein polymer, 34.0 % m/m of polyacrylic emulsion Melio Resin A-821, and 28.3 % m/m of BNS synthane tannin. Developed technology ensures high consumer properties of nutria fur velour. The studies of water resistance have shown a significant increase in resistance of fur velour to the action of water in dynamic conditions. The developed technology has the great benefit of increasing the yield of fur velour area by 6.7% in comparison with the intermediate product of chrom-aluminum retanning. Taking into account considerable porosity and heterogeneity of the fiber structure of the raw material, an increase in yield is significant. The optimized formulation of the filling and hydrophobicizing composition can be used effectively in the technologies of manufacturing limed hide and leather materials of high water resistance. With the combination of properties the obtained hydrophobized nutria velour is suitable for the production of pickled leather products, which will be operated in extreme conditions.
Faculty: Факультет хімічних та біофармацевтичних технологій
Department: Кафедра біотехнології, шкіри та хутра
ISSN: 1335-0617
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