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Title: Art as a phenomenon of personality formation
Authors: Gudkova, N.
Galushko, N.
Keywords: art culture
personality formation
aesthetic development
social consciousness
moral and spiritual spheres
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Publisher: Міжнародний центр наукових досліджень
Citation: Galushko N. Art as a phenomenon of personality formation / N. Galushko ; scien. sup. N. Gudkova // Розвиток наукової думки постіндустріального суспільства: сучасний дискурс : матеріали міжнародної наукової конференції, м. Миколаїв, 13 листопада 2020 року. – Т. 3. – Миколаїв : МЦНД, 2020. – С. 128-129.
Abstract: Today humanity has faced the problem of aesthetic value. The current crisis of society is manifested in economic, political, ideological, moral and spiritual spheres of human activity. As a matter of priority an increased focus has to be put on spiritual crisis, because it extremely influences the other spheres of our life. Society needs a harmonious combination of material artefacts and spiritual values of civilization and culture. Art plays a significant role in this context. It helps to orient all spheres of civilization and culture humanistically. Moreover, it morally enlightens and promotes the formation of personality. Art activates creative forces, helps self-expression and self-affirmation, cultivates kindness and cordiality, develops imagination and creative thinking of the individual. At the same time, art gives aesthetic and moral satisfaction, and the harmony of the soul with it. That is why only art is an effective tool for becoming a full personality in modern conditions. Art is an integral attribute in the life of humanity. It plays an important role in all spheres of human activity. Art is a unique and original form of activity. Art not only reflects the prevailing ideas of culture in its development but also participates actively in the formation of new aspects of social consciousness, psychology, expanding human potential, ideas of beauty and promoting its self-improvement.
Faculty: Навчально-науковий інститут інтернаціоналізації вищої освіти та науки
Department: Кафедра іноземних мов
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