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Title: Quality of strategic business management in the aspect of growing the role of intellectual capital
Authors: Khaustova, Yevheniia
Durmanov, Akmal
Dubinina, Maryna
Yurchenko, Oksana
Cherkesova, Elvira
Keywords: strategic management
model of strategic management
business model of the firm
intellectual capital
intellectual resources
performance evaluation
organizational and economic mechanism
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Citation: Quality of strategic business management in the aspect of growing the role of intellectual capital / Ye. Khaustova, A. Durmanov, M. Dubinina, O. Yurchenko, E. Cherkesova // Academy of Strategic Management Journal. – 2020. – Volume 19, Issue 5. – Р. 1-7.
Source: Academy of Strategic Management Journal
Abstract: The article is devoted to the formation of guidelines for the new role of intellectual capital in strategic business management. It is determined that at the micro level the development of the business model of the firm is formed on the basis of strategic changes and transformations of its own position in the market, at the expense of material and financial resources. The article reveals the essence of intellectual capital and its role in the evolution of economic systems, also, during the study of the intellectual capital, its definition as an objective economic category was formulated and substantiated, which allowed to show the general and personal aspects of intellectual capital in business. It was proved that the efficiency assessment regarding the formation of entrepreneurial intellectual capital is the basis for making appropriate commercial decisions and ensuring the process of self-regulation of entrepreneurship organizational and economic mechanism, it allows to influence the current state and tendencies of the intellectual capital development, to determine directions and scales of entrepreneurial initiatives.
Faculty: Факультет економіки та бізнесу
Department: Кафедра підприємництва та бізнесу
ISSN: 1544-1458 (print)
1939-6104 (online)
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