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Title: Математичне та програмне забезпечення проектування корсетних виробів
Other Titles: Mathematical and program support of corset goods design
Authors: Шрамченко, Б. Л.
Ковтун, Д. В.
Keywords: graphic design
corset bra products group
corset belt products group
raster image of the curves
database management system
the requests to databases
graphic interface
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2020
Citation: Шрамченко Б. Л. Математичне та програмне забезпечення проектування корсетних виробів / Б. Л. Шрамченко, Д. В. Ковтун // Інформаційні технології в науці, виробництві та підприємництві : збірник наукових праць молодих вчених, аспірантів, магістрів кафедри комп’ютерних наук та технологій / за заг. наук. ред. В. Ю. Щербаня. – Київ : Освіта України ; ФОП Маслаков, 2020. – С. 104-107.
Source: Інформаційні технології в науці, виробництві та підприємництві
Abstract: The aim is to obtain advanced design techniques corsetry products. Improvements are achieved due to the use of computer technology that can store large amounts of data on parameters developed based on designs and graphic design to determine the design of the product. The most important task in the design of corsetry products is taking into account the physiological and anatomical factors. This is to ensure that products do not bring corset injury were comfortable to wear, how, without causing discomfort, stressed the beauty of natural forms of the female body or figure gave the desired proportions, carrying women feeling pleasure. In this regard, special attention to design details such as a cup, because this piece can bring the most significant damage to the female body. For achieving the goals set out the following problems have to be solved. 1. Develop and explore algorithms structures corset bra and belt products groups for individual and mass production. 2. Develop interface for entering data and output results of design. 3. Develop database to store the source data required for the design of different types of products for specific customers. 4. Develop an algorithm transition from raster image projection characteristic curves on the surface of the cup to the sequence coordinates of these curves. 5. Develop spatial interpolation algorithm curves presented sequences of coordinate points.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISBN: 978-617-7862-55-9
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