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Title: Children's sport clothes design: methods and compositional means
Authors: Omelchenko, Ganna
Kolosnichenko, Maryna
Donchenko, Svitlana
Keywords: multifunctional children’s clothing
clothing for roller skaters
safety elements
design research
design concept
model range
transformation methods
transformative clothing elements
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Omelchenko G. Children's sport clothes design: methods and compositional means / G. Omelchenko, M. Kolosnichenko, S. Donchenko // Fashion design in a multicultural space : monograph to the 90th anniversary of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. A series of monographs of the Faculty of Design / М. V. Kolosnichenko, К. L. Pashkevich, Т. F. Krotova et al. – Publisched by Academic Society of Michal Baludansky, Košice, Slovakia, 2020. – Printed by UK Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, 2020. – P. 230-246.
Source: Fashion design in a multicultural space
Abstract: The work is devoted to improving the process of designing competitive and ergonomic children’s clothing for roller skaters. The introduction of modern ergonomic design tools into the process of industrial design has been proposed. On the example of developing children's clothing for roller skaters the mechanisms of realization of such stages of designing as "design research" and "design concept" have been considered, where the requirements for designing have been developed, the main ideas for solving the set tasks have been formulated and the basic principles of product construction have been formulated. They are about creating clothes with advanced functionality with the use of transforming and damping elements. The method of experimental determination of the parametric characteristics of the protective elements and their locations on the construction details have been described, as well as the choice of a rational structural device in accordance with the study results of the dynamic conformity of children’s clothing design for roller skaters. The rational constructive-technological and color-graphic models of multifunctional children's costume of roller skaters have been presented and the model range has been created on their basis.
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Факультет індустрії моди
Department: Кафедра ергономіки і дизайну
Кафедра технології та конструювання швейних виробів
ISBN: 978-60-973703-0-5
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