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Title: Characteristics of existing approaches to the compositional analysis of the built environment
Authors: Bulgakova, Tatiana
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Bulgakova T. Characteristics of existing approaches to the compositional analysis of the built environment / T. Bulgakova // Modern technologies and design art : series of monographs Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Applied Arts Katowice School of Technology. Monograph 37 / edited by Liubov Bovnegra. – Katowice, Poland : Publishing House of Katowice School of Technology, 2020. – P. 196-208.
Source: Modern technologies and design art
Abstract: This article identifies and analyzes the existing approaches to composite analysis of the built environment using the example of a city. The article helps to understand the effectiveness of using this or that approach in the practice of design. The problem of inefficiency of existing methods of analysis and professional assessment of the built environment in forming the surroundings of designers and architects in the framework of modern ideas about the material world as an environment is outlined in the work. We are still trying to use the methods of analysis that have emerged in the earlier stages when the idea was different, because the new methods are still raw and difficult to use in practice.
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Department: Кафедра дизайну інтер'єру і меблів
ISSN: 978-83-957298-3-6
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