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Title: Estimation of fatigue longevity of rod elements of complex form
Authors: Berezin, Leonid
Rubanka, Mykola
Rubanka, Alla
Kovalov, Yurii
Pleshko, S.
Keywords: designing
knitting needles
density of distribution
amplitude of load
cyclogram of loading
automatic half-hose machine
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2021
Citation: Estimation of fatigue longevity of rod elements of complex form / L. Berezin, M. Rubanka, A. Rubanka, Yu. Kovalov, S. Pleshko // Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering. – 2021. – Vol. 65, No. 2. – P. 111-119.
Source: Periodica Polytechnica Mechanical Engineering
Abstract: The questions of design maintenance of a given fatigue longevity of rods of complex form during the intensification of load modes without changing of geometric, inertial and rigidity parameters of roads are considered. The study is conducted on the example of needles of circular machines with a small diameter of cylinder (automatic half-hose machines). An approach, based on the system of calculation of loads, loadings and resources under the criterion of fatigue strength, is proposed. The key link for the transition from the results of dynamic analysis to the determination of reliability indices is the dependence of limited longevity of needles on the cycles of load to fatigue failure with the use of statistical data on operating time to fatigue failure of the needles in production conditions. Since the random values of loads of the needles do not obey the normal law of distribution, the general description of density of distribution of amplitude of loads is presented. The influence of increase in speed parameters and constructive measures, aimed to reduce the corresponding loads at a current size of critical section of the needles, on the fatigue longevity is analyzed.
DOI: 10.3311/PPme.14647
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра ергономіки і дизайну
Кафедра прикладної механіки та машин
ISSN: 1587-379X
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