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Title: Динамический анализ условий раскладки на торцевых участках канавки мотального барабанчика
Other Titles: Dynamic analysis of the traversing conditions at the end sections of the groove in a winding drum
Authors: Якубицкая, И. А.
Чугин, В. В.
Щербань, В. Ю.
Keywords: dynamic analysis
nesting conditions
groove ends
winding drum
Issue Date: 30-Oct-1997
Citation: Якубицкая И. А. Динамический анализ условий раскладки на торцевых участках канавки мотального барабанчика / И. А. Якубицкая, В. В. Чугин, В. Ю. Щербань // Известия высших учебных заведений. Технология текстильной промышленности. – 1997. – № 5 (239). – С. 33-36.
Source: Известия высших учебных заведений. Технология текстильной промышленности
Proceedings of Higher Educational Institution. Textile Industry Technology
Abstract: When constructing mathematical models that allow you to analyze the structure and operation of technological equipment, describe various technological processes, use elements of theoretical mechanics, theory of mechanisms and machines (which can be considered an applied section of theoretical mechanics), resistance of materials, machine parts, mechanical technology of fibrous materials, and etc. All of these disciplines are based on the foundations of theoretical mechanics and use its basic laws and theorems. Theoretical mechanics is one of the branches of general mechanics and includes the study of the simplest forms of motion of matter, which are reduced to the movement of particles of matter from one position in space to another. A characteristic feature of theoretical mechanics is that it abstracts from most of the properties of physical bodies and considers the limiting abstractions to which the concepts of a material point, a system of material points and an absolutely rigid body belong. These concepts are abstract, but they reflect the phenomena of the really existing world and allow, in the first approximation, to describe the mechanical movements of real, really existing bodies.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISSN: 0021-3497
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