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Title: Установившееся движение текстильной нити с двумя точками закрепления по шероховатой плоскости
Other Titles: Steady motion of a textile yarn with two anchoring points over a rough surface
Authors: Васильченко, В. Н.
Щербань, В. Ю.
Апокин, Ц. В.
Keywords: steady motion
textile thread
anchoring points
rough surface
Issue Date: 30-Aug-1985
Citation: Васильченко В. Н. Установившееся движение текстильной нити с двумя точками закрепления по шероховатой плоскости / В. Н. Васильченко, В. Ю. Щербань, Ц. В. Апокин // Известия высших учебных заведений. Технология текстильной промышленности. – 1985. – № 4. – С. 54-56.
Source: Известия высших учебных заведений. Технология текстильной промышленности
Proceedings of Higher Educational Institution. Textile Industry Technology
Abstract: Due to the fact that the warp threads in the threading are rectilinear (meaning that they do not come into contact with the deformable guides to the edge), their stiffness coefficient will always be greater than the stiffness coefficient of the fabric in which the warp threads are intertwined with the weft threads. When the fabric is stretched, the diameters of the warp and weft threads are pre-deformed. As you know, the deformation forces of the threads in the transverse direction are several orders of magnitude less than the deformation forces in the longitudinal direction. In addition, it is obvious that this ratio will increase with an increase in the density of the weft fabric. Theoretically, we will determine the value of the beating force depending on the density of the fabric on the weft, relying on the following data (obtained experimentally), assumptions and assumptions: the beating of the weft thread is carried out at zero spacing; there is no unevenness of the pharynx; the threading tension for each specific weft density is determined experimentally; there is no bend of the warp in the eyes of the heddles of the heald frames; the value of the calculated angle of coverage for each weft, in the zone of tissue formation, remains unchanged.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISSN: 0021-3497
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