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Title: Морфологія та структура кераміко-подібних ПЕО-покривів на сплавах Al
Other Titles: Morphology and structure of ceramic-like PEO-coatings on Al alloys
Authors: Каракуркчі, Г. В.
Сахненко, М. Д.
Ведь, М. В.
Горохівський, А. С.
Богданова, К. Б.
Степанова, І. І.
Keywords: PEO
Al alloy
mixed oxides
ceramic-like coating
phase structure
catalytic activity
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Морфологія та структура кераміко-подібних ПЕО-покривів на сплавах Al [Текст] / Г. В. Каракуркчі, М. Д. Сахненко, М. В. Ведь, А. С. Горохівський, К. Б. Богданова, І. І. Степанова // Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019 : monograph / ed.: V. Z. Barsukov, Yu. V. Borysenko, V. G. Khomenko, O. V. Linyucheva ; editor-in-chief V. Z. Barsukov. - Kyiv : KNUTD, 2019. - С. 210-225.
Source: Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019
Abstract: The results of studies the PEO of Al alloys in alkaline electrolytes are presented. It is established that the presence of alloying components in the alloys composition complicates the formation of the surface ceramic-like layer. To homogenize the surface and obtain oxide coatings, doped with Co and Mn, electrolytes based on KOH and K4P2O7 with the addition of manganate- and cobalt(II) ions were used. PEO in these electrolytes allows to obtain mixed oxide coating Al2O3·MnOx and Al2O3·CoOy. The rational modes of PEO aluminum alloys were substantiated to obtain coatings with high transition metals oxides contents. It is shown that the incorporation of MnOx and CoOy changes the morphology and structure of oxide layers.
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