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Title: Електрохімічна оцінка відновлювальної здатності рослинних екстрактів
Other Titles: Electrochemical evaluation of reducing ability of plant extracts
Authors: Васильєв, Г. С.
Воробйова, В. І.
Кузьменко, О. М.
Скиба, М. І.
Keywords: green synthesis
cycling voltamperometry
glassy carbon
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Електрохімічна оцінка відновлювальної здатності рослинних екстрактів [Текст] / Г. С. Васильєв, В. І. Воробйова, О. М. Кузьменко, М. І. Скиба // Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019 : monograph / ed.: V. Z. Barsukov, Yu. V. Borysenko, V. G. Khomenko, O. V. Linyucheva ; editor-in-chief V. Z. Barsukov. - Kyiv : KNUTD, 2019. - С. 246-267.
Source: Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019
Abstract: Agricultural by-products are widely used as a source of cheap and environmentally friendly reagents in “green” chemistry. The chemical composition and reducing ability of water extracts of black currant, grape and apricot wastes were studied. Application of LC-MS revealed that all the extracts contained large amount of natural reducing agents – polyphenols and flavonoids. The electrochemical technique of cycling voltamperometry was used to investigate the reducing ability of the extract. Recorded voltamperograms shoved anodic current rise at the potentials above +0.4 V/SSCE meaning the extracts can be used as reducing agents in green synthesis of silver nanoparticles.
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