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Title: The spectrum of esthetic categories in works of Stanislav Orihovsky (1513–1566)
Authors: Mnozhynska, Ruslana
Keywords: esthetic ideal
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Mnozhynska R. The spectrum of esthetic categories in works of Stanislav Orihovsky (1513–1566) / R. Mnozhynska // Periodyk Naukowy Akademii Polonijnej (PNAP). – 2021. – 46 (2021) nr 3. – P. 73-79.
Source: Periodyk Naukowy Akademii Polonijnej (PNAP)
Scientific Journal of Polonia University
Abstract: For a long time, Ukrainian and Western European scientists have included all the Latin works to the Catholic values and brought exclusively to Polish literature, and therefore denied the penetration of humanism and Renaissance within the boundaries of the Orthodox Eastern Slavonic world, forgetting that Ukrainian scientists, to which Stanislav Orikhovsky belongs, not indirectly through Polish teachings acquired leading pan-european ideas, but themselves were part of the european renaissance intelligency. In the culture of Ukraine ХІІІІ-XVII centuries there are no interpretations on esthetic issues. However, there are grounds to consider certain reflections on the problems of art and art work in connection with questions of faith and its symbols, values of knowledge and role of sensual experience in the cognitive activity, values of indifferent attitude of a person to the world and to faith and earthly destination of a person. Now, brought into the scientific circulation little known, and even quite unknown, mainly Latin sources strongly testify that the epoch of revival, with its esthetic ideals, has not passed Ukraine as a component of Europe. Stanislav Orikhovsky (1513–1566) is one of the most prominent personalities in the Ukrainian and Polish culture of Renaissance: Philosophy, historian, publicist, polemist, esthette, speaker. The article focuses on the fact that one of the first, in the national renaissance cultural opinion, who considered the question of esthetics was Stanislav Orikhovsky. In works on esthetics, he devoted a lot of his place to problems of good and evil, as a humanist put the importance of man in dependence on her personal qualities, personal integrity, talent and ability to realize them. Interest in esthetics was revealed clearly, complete it, quite concrete content. In his works he considered and outlined ways of solving various problems, in particular, ethical and esthetic. The spectrum of esthetic categories of the Orikhovsky is mainly represented by the following: Heroic, beauty, beautiful – creative; raised – low; harmony is chaos. AND parts: Comic – tragic; irony, mezzis.
Faculty: Факультет культурних і креативних індустрій
Department: Кафедра філософії та культурології
ISSN: 1895-9911 (Print)
2543-8204 (Online)
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