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Title: Современный нейминг в Украине в лингвопрагматическом освещении
Other Titles: Modern naming in Ukraine: linguopragmatic aspect
Authors: Слухай, Н. В.
Синявская, О. Е.
Keywords: name
Ukrainian naming
parametrical analysis
errors in naming
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Citation: Слухай Н. В. Современный нейминг в Украине в лингвопрагматическом освещении / Н. В. Слухай, О. Е. Синявская // World Science. – 2020. – № 6 (58), Vol. 3, June. – P. 30-40.
Source: World Science
Abstract: Commercial nomination in a globalized, virtualized, accelerated and simulacrum-saturated information flow has become a means for both reflecting and intensely influencing the language and conceptual world image pertinent for the consumer. Consequently, it needs studying from a linguopragmatic side, even more so in countries characterized by socioeconomic instability, among which Ukraine belongs today. This article is dedicated to a study of contemporary Russian-language naming in Ukraine seen from a linguopragmatic viewpoint. We have aimed to present the chief directions in naming science and the relevant linguistic problems treated within each trend. The article also presents linguistic criteria governing the creation of adequate names with respect for the reality of Ukraine; common errors in Russian-language naming in Ukraine are viewed closely. We have also described the chief methods used to gauge the linguopragmatic effectiveness of commercial names: parametrical, factor analysis, associative experiment, motivational analysis, socio-psychological analysis, image method, consumer loyalty method, the method of forming and assessing customer attachment to a brand and others. To determine the linguopragmatic potential of names parametrical analysis is applied together with several approaches: measurement of subjective expectations, highlighting of visual images, defining subjective preference.
Faculty: Інститут права та сучасних технологій
Department: Кафедра філології та перекладу (ФП)
ISSN: 2413-1032 (p-ISSN)
2414-6404 (e-ISSN)
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