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Title: Розробка програмного забезпечення для побудови математичної моделі об’єкту проектування
Other Titles: Software development for creation of mathematical model of design object
Authors: Резанова, В. Г.
Можнякова, С. В.
Keywords: програмне забезпечення
об'єкт проектування
планування експерименту
метод найменших квадратів
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2021
Citation: Резанова В. Г. Розробка програмного забезпечення для побудови математичної моделі об’єкту проектування / В. Г. Резанова С. В. Можнякова // Інформаційні технології в науці, виробництві та підприємництві : збірник наукових праць молодих вчених, аспірантів, магістрів кафедри комп’ютерних наук та технологій / за заг. наук. ред. В. Ю. Щербаня. – Київ : Освіта України, 2021. – C. 233-237.
Source: Інформаційні технології в науці, виробництві та підприємництві
Abstract: In our time of rapid development of communications and a huge flow of information, there is often a need to develop methods that would systematize information and reduce the time for its search and processing. The field of scientific research is no exception. Therefore, it makes sense to develop automated systems that would speed up all work related to the storage, retrieval and use of information. Polymers play an important role in modern life. The degree of use of these macromolecular compounds is one of the important criteria for assessing the level of scientific and technological progress in the country. World experience shows that a rational solution to the problem of creating new materials with unique characteristics is to mix polymers. The formation of microfibers by melt processing of a mixture of polymers is a simple effective method of obtaining complex threads and staple fibers with diameters from tenths to several micrometers. One of the classic methods of influencing interfacial phenomena is the introduction of another component – a compatibilizer, or a mixture of compatibilizers, which increases the interaction between the phases and the formation of a thinner stable dispersion and, consequently, improves the fiber formation process. The study of the described phenomena is carried out mainly experimentally, theoretical methods are used much less. But mathematical modeling of these processes is important in terms of the possibility of obtaining theoretically sound practical results, so the task is relevant. We will build a mathematical model of the dependence of optimization criteria on input factors based on the results of experiments conducted according to the plan.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISBN: 978-617-7993-97-0
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