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Title: Preparation and properties of oral adhesive plaster containing Periplaneta extract
Other Titles: Приготування та властивості лейкопластиру для порожнини рота, що містить екстракт Periplaneta
Authors: Palchevska, Tetiana
Yifan, Liu
Keywords: oral ulcer patch
Periplaneta extract
drug release
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2021
Publisher: Kyiv National University of Technology and Design
Citation: Yifan Liu. Preparation and properties of oral adhesive plaster containing Periplaneta extract : master's thesis on the specialty 226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy / Yifan Liu ; supervisor T. Palchevska ; reviewer O. Baula. – Kyiv : KNUTD, 2021. – 101 p.
Abstract: This research is devoted to the development of a new type of oral adhesive tablet that combines polymer materials and natural biological extracts (Periplaneta americana). It has good adhesion, long adhesion time and high material quality. The medicine uses the natural extract of Periplaneta americana and uses its unique membrane repair effect. The material adopts high tensile strength, strong adhesion carbomer 941 and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose polymer materials. MTT assay was used to determine the toxicity of drug-loaded adhesion layer matrix on Hela cells. The results show that ulcer patch had good biocompatibility. Finally, the drug release behavior from the ulcer patch was studied by an amino acids analysis in the release medium using amino acid analyzer. The results show that the active components of amino acids can be effectively released from the matrix of ulcer patch, which laid a foundation for the therapeutic effect.The slow-release effect of the film provides a more efficient way to treat oral ulcers. The key production process of the product in industrial production is introduced, and the corresponding suggestions are put forward.
Faculty: Факультет хімічних та біофармацевтичних технологій
Department: Кафедра промислової фармації
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