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Title: Forecasted labor functions of fashion industry specialists
Authors: Yezhova, Olga
Pashkevich, Kalina
Kolosnichenko, O. V.
Gerasymenko, Olena
Kolosnichenko, M. V.
Keywords: cutting
qualified worker
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2022
Publisher: AIP Publishing LLC.
Citation: Forecasted labor functions of fashion industry specialists / O. Yezhova, K. Pashkevich, O. V. Kolosnichenko, O. Gerasymenko, M. V. Kolosnichenko // International Conference on Textile and Apparel Innovation (ICTAI 2021) : AIP Conference Proceedings 2430, 010001 (2022), Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk State Technological University, 8th -10th June, 2021. – AIP Publishing LLC., Melville, USA, 2022. – P. 040003-1 - 040003-8.
Abstract: The labor functions of the fashion industry workers during cutting of the garments in case of modern and forecasted productions for substantiation of the content of training of qualified workers have been analyzed. The labor functions have been characterized in the context of structuring the production operation as to its phases: preparatory, executive, and control and management. For the operation on cutting of the clothing, the models of the content of the workers` labor for three types of production have been prepared: for industrial, individual, and forecasted. It has been grounded that during the forecasted production the major changes in the content of the cutters` work would take place at the preparatory stage and at the executive stage. It is summarized that during the forecasted production of garments, the qualified workers will need the knowledge and skills on the use of new technologies and materials, computerized equipment, and professionally-oriented software.
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Department: Кафедра ергономіки і дизайну
Кафедра мистецтва та дизайну костюма
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