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Title: Innovative methods at the university as a sign of its modernity
Authors: Mnozhynska, Ruslana
Keywords: educational innovation
innovative methods of teaching in a higher educational institution
innovative university
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Mnozhynska R. Innovative methods at the university as a sign of its modernity / R. Mnozhynska // Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences. – 2022. – No. 1. – P. 132-141.
Source: Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences
Juridisko un Sociālo Zinātņu Baltijas Žurnāls
Abstract: The article deals with the requirement of transition to innovative education, which is due to today's challenges. The importance of innovative learning in the process of functioning of a modern university as a tool of integration into the world educational space is emphasized. It is emphasized that the innovative orientation of the higher education system, which is implemented through increasing the level of computerization of educational institutions, intensification of research activities, the formation of innovative structures in the Free Economic Zone is one of the strategic priorities. The characteristic differences of traditional and innovative teaching are determined, different variants of existence of innovative teaching methods are investigated, and the main approaches to the choice of innovative methods according to the educational purpose of employment, advantages and disadvantages of use of separate methods. The concepts of "educational innovation", "innovative university" are also specified, some innovative methods of teaching at the university are analyzed.
DOI: 10.30525/2592-8813-2022-1-16
Faculty: Факультет культурних і креативних індустрій
Department: Кафедра філософії та культурології
ISSN: 2592-8813
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