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Title: Loop length model of fillet structure
Authors: Kyzymchuk, Olena
Ermolenko, Inna
Keywords: geometrical model
warp knitting
fillet interlooping
loop length
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: The 47th International Federation of Knitting Technologists Congress (IFKT 2014)
Citation: 46. Kyzymchuk O. Loop length model of fillet structure / Olena Kyzymchuk, Inna Ermolenko // The 47th International Federation of Knitting Technologists Congress (IFKT 2014), 25-26 September 2014, Izmir, Turkey. - Book of abstracts - P.131-133
Abstract: The loop configuration that is obtained in the knit depends on both qualitative and quantitative factors, the most important of which is the loop length. Thus, it is necessary to have a geometrical model of knitted loop configuration. The aim of this research is to develop loop model for net knit structure with hexagonal cell which is formed by alternation of tricot and chain courses. Vertical ribs of such net structure consist of tricot closed loops of identical configuration while diagonal ribs consist of tricot and chain loops of different type, shape and form. In this study each loop is presented as sum of planar and spatial lines, the length of which can be easily calculated by the well-known formulas. Numerical dependences for loop length calculation are determined as a result of mathematical transformations. To verify the suggested model few variants of fillet warp knit structures were produced from polyester yarn. The investigation showed that theoretical average loop length of repeat corresponds to experimental value. It is concluded that the model can predict geometrical properties of half set two guide bar warp knitted fabric.
Faculty: Факультет індустрії моди
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