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Title: Research of impact of nanoeconomics on the national economic system development
Authors: Ostapenko, Tetiana
Onopriienko, Dmytro
Hrashchenko, Iryna
Palyvoda, Olena
Krasniuk, Svitlana
Danilova, Elvira
Keywords: nanoeconomics
baby economics
human economics
nanotechnology economics
simple social reproduction
Issue Date: Dec-2022
Citation: Research of impact of nanoeconomics on the national economic system development / T. Ostapenko, D. Onopriienko, I. Hrashchenko, O. Palyvoda, S. Krasniuk, E. Danilova // Innovative development of national economies : collective monograph. – Kharkiv : PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER, 2022. – P. 46-70.
Source: Innovative development of national economies
Abstract: The diverse world is striking in the multitude of forms and types of various economic phenomena. Yes, the economy is characterized by the existence of different levels. The most decisive is the macro level, as the level of development of national economic systems. It is described by such categories as social reproduction, economic development and growth, economic balance and economic structure. All these phenomena depend to a certain extent on the economic behavior of individual economic agents that form the nanoeconomics. An analysis was made of the impact of nanoeconomics on the macroeconomics of an individual state based on the characteristics of the nature of nanoeconomics, its material and non-material forms, regularities and evolution. Separately, the system of households was characterized as a center of individual consumption. It was also noted that the structure of the national economy as part of the service sector, industry and the agro-industrial complex forms an entrepreneurial sector with active individuals. The latter are a spokesman for nanoeconomics as a kind of innovative economy, because nanoeconomics forms a high-quality system for the development and implementation of nanotechnological production solutions. The amount of research and development costs affects the volume of industrial and agricultural products sold and the number of services provided. The distinctive features of the obtained results can be considered the approximation of the regression coefficient to unity, which indicates the presence of a close relationship between the indicators of the development of nanoeconomics on the macroeconomic situation in a particular country. Conclusions were drawn on the relevance of the individual systemic factor for the development of national economic systems.
DOI: 10.15587/978-617-7319-64-0.CH2
Faculty: Інститут права та сучасних технологій
Department: Кафедра філології та перекладу (ФП)
ISBN: 978-617-7319-64-0 (on-line)
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