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Title: Synchronising multimodal education with digital reality
Authors: Lebedieva, Svitlana
Keywords: critical thinking
verbal communication
multimodal meaning-making
virtual communication
multimodal approach
Issue Date: Sep-2023
Publisher: Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana & Piattaforma scientifica europea
Citation: Lebedieva S. Synchronising multimodal education with digital reality / S. Lebedieva // Ricerche scientifiche e metodi della loro realizzazione: esperienza mondiale e realtà domestiche : raccolta di articoli scientifici "ΛΌГOΣ" con gli atti della IV Conferenza scientifica e pratica internazionale, Bologna, Repubblica Italiana, 29 settembre, 2023. – Bologna-Vinnytsia : Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana & Piattaforma scientifica europea, 2023. – Р. 186-187.
Abstract: The paper discusses the need for innovative teaching methods in modern education, driven by technological progress and globalization. It emphasizes the importance of a multimodal approach that offers a more interactive and diverse learning experience that goes beyond traditional classrooms.
Faculty: Інститут права та сучасних технологій
Department: Кафедра філології та перекладу (ФП)
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