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Title: Software for the research of microfibrilar composites
Other Titles: Програмне забезпечення для дослідження мікрофібрилярних композитів
Authors: Rezanova, V. G.
Rezanova, N. M.
Keywords: nano-filled polymer
nanoscale carbon derivatives
nanoparticles of metals
siliceous soils
aluminosilicates (alumina)
bifunctional nano additives
nanofilled polymer systems
polymer composites
polymer-silica nanocomposites
polymer-silicate nanocomposites
nanocomposites with bifunctional additives
microfibrillar morphology
mechanism of microfibrillar structure
polymer mixtures
microfibrillar structure
chemical nature of polymers
rheological properties of component melts
composition of the mixture
technological parameters of mixture processing
polypropylene microfibers
microrheological processes
macrorheological processes
ultrafine microfibers
melts of polymer mixtures
siloxane additives
PP/SPA mixtures
microfibrillar nanofilled polymer composites
thin fiber products
nanofilled polymer dispersions
microfibrillar threads
nano-filled complex microfibrillar threads
filter materials
modified thin fiber filter materials
incompatible polymer mixtures
mathematical modeling
polymer dispersion systems
structural-continuum method of the deformation of droplets
dispersed phase component
melts of mixtures
deformation of polymer droplets
dispersed phase
kinetics of the disintegration of liquid jets of one polymer in the matrix
interfacial tension
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: АrtЕk
Citation: Rezanova V. G. Software for the research of microfibrilar composites : monograph / V. G. Rezanova, N. M. Rezanova. – Kyiv : АrtЕk, 2023. – 270 p.
Abstract: The first chapter of the monograph describes the theoretical basis of obtaining microfibrils by processing melts of polymer mixtures. The experimentally confirmed mechanism of the phenomenon, necessary and sufficient conditions for its implementation, and ways of controlling this process are given. The second section contains programs developed by the authors for mathematical modeling of the influence of various parameters (the content of components in the mixture, the ratio of viscoelastic properties of polymers, the value of interfacial tension, the angle of entry of a drop into the capillary, etc.) on the morphology of the system and for calculating the dimensional characteristics of microfibrils. Of particular interest is the created computer animation model, which adequately reflects the real processes of deformation of drops of one polymer in the mass of another under the flow of melts of mixtures in the entrance zone of the forming hole and allows to visually demonstrate the process of formation of microfibrillar morphology. Monograph is intended for a wide range of teachers, scientists, post-graduate students, masters and students majoring in computer science and chemical technologies of specialized higher educational institutions, engineering and technical workers in the computer and chemical industries.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISBN: 978-617-8043-58-2
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