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Title: Features of the application of smart technologies for the development of various directions of design education
Other Titles: Особливості застосування смарт-технологій для розвитку різних напрямків дизайн-освіти
Authors: Pasko, Oksana
Omelchenko, Hanna
Ostapyk, Svitlana
Koliesnikova, Aureliia
Bondarenko, Nataliia
Keywords: professional training of design specialists
means of design education
modern technologies for training designers
application of SMART technologies
innovative educational technologies
підготовка дизайнерів
застовуння смарт-технологій
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Features of the application of smart technologies for the development of various directions of design education / O. Pasko, H. Omelchenko, S. Ostapyk, A. Koliesnikova, N. Bondarenko // Journal of Curriculum and Teaching (JCT). – 2023. – Vol. 12, No. 2; Special Issue. – Р. 103-112.
Source: Journal of Curriculum and Teaching (JCT)
Abstract: The current increase in requirements for designers in various professional fields is due to the challenges posed by globalization and the informatization of modern society as the main trends in its development. The integration of modern technologies into the structure of designers' professional activities requires a revision of approaches to the professional training of both future design professionals and artists in general. The article aims to study the theoretical foundations and certain practical aspects of the application of SMART technologies in the design education of HEIs of technical and humanitarian orientation. The study applied analytical and bibliographic, systemic and structural, comparative, logical, and linguistic methods, analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction in the processing of scientific information on the use of SMART technologies in design education. Moreover, the methods of abstraction and idealization served to study and process statistical and analytical data. Analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction helped to study the scientific literature and summarize the results of the survey. The study examined the theoretical foundations and results of a survey on the concept and main trends of design education, as well as the prerequisites, patterns, and directions of development of SMART technologies in terms of assessing the experience of their use in the educational process in teaching design specialties.
DOI: 10.5430/jct.v12n2p103
Faculty: Факультет дизайну
Department: Кафедра мультимедійного дизайну
Кафедра дизайну інтер'єру і меблів
Кафедра графічного дизайну
ISSN: 1927-2677 (print)
1927-2685 (online)
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