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Title: Breaking characteristics of warp knit net fabric
Authors: Kyzymchuk, Olena
Ermolenko, Inna
Keywords: Fillet structure
in-laying yarn
maximum load
maximum strain
текстильні матеріали
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Кyzymchuk O. Breaking characteristics of warp knit net fabric / O. Kyzymchuk, I. Ermolenko // Vlákna a textil. – 2013. - № 3. – pp. 10-14.
Abstract: This paper presents results of an investigation of the braking characteristics (maximum load and strain) of warp knitted net fabric with elastomeric yarn longwise inlaying. In order to undertake the study of the influence of fillet interloping repeat and of in-layed yarn positioning different types of net fabric were produced. The array of data for the various design options provide analytical tool for making comparisons about the mechanical properties of the warp knit structures with hexagonal net. It is observed that the repeat of fillet interloping has some effect only on maximum strain of warp knit structure. In other way, the position of in-laying yarn has effect as on maximum strain, as on maximum load of warp knit net fabric. It is a consequence of a different relaxation of elastomeric yarn in the warp knit structure.
ISSN: 1335-0617
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