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Title: Совершенствование технологии изготовления многослойных технических тканей
Other Titles: Improvement of the technology of manufacturing multilayer technical fabrics
Authors: Щербань, В. Ю.
Стеценко, С. Д.
Зайченко, А. Г.
Keywords: woven power grips
multi-layer technical fabric
surf force
warp thread tension
fabric tension
fabric breaking strength
Issue Date: 30-Jul-1992
Citation: Щербань В. Ю. Совершенствование технологии изготовления многослойных технических тканей / В. Ю. Щербань, С. Д. Стеценко, А. Г. Зайченко // Текстильная промышленность. – 1992. – № 7. – С. 34-35.
Source: Текстильная промышленность
Abstract: The work carried out the improvement of the structure of a multilayer technical fabric and experimental studies of the conditions for its formation on a weaving machine. The influence of the initial tension of the warp threads, the size of the throat unevenness and the size of the spacing on the value of the surf force, the main technological parameter that determines the tension of the tissue formation process, was determined. The carried out researches allowed to improve the structure of multilayer technical fabric. A comparative analysis of the conditions for the formation of the prototype and the proposed multilayer technical fabric on a loom is carried out. As a result of the experiment carried out, regression dependences of the surf force value on the value of the initial tension of the warp threads, the value of the shed tension and the spacing value were obtained. The analysis of regression dependencies made it possible to determine the optimal parameters of the threading of the weaving machine.
Faculty: Факультет мехатроніки та комп'ютерних технологій
Department: Кафедра комп'ютерних наук
ISSN: 0040-2397
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