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Title: Interior textiles – motifs, meanings and reproduction techniques
Authors: Adascalita, Lucia
Cazac, Viorica
Ursu, Elena
Keywords: interior wall textiles
visual arts
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Київський національний університет технологій та дизайну
Citation: Adascalita L. Interior textiles – motifs, meanings and reproduction techniques / L. Adascalita, V. Cazac, E. Ursu // Актуальні проблеми сучасного дизайну : збірник матеріалів III Міжнародної науково-практичної конференції, м. Київ, 22 квітня 2021 року. – В 2-х т. – Т. 1. – Київ : КНУТД, 2021. – С. 318-321.
Abstract: The paper presents the result of the study with reference to the comparative analysis of the possibilities of aesthetic diversification of products through the prism of traditional textil, involving various motives.The concern for decorating the interiors of houses is attested since ancient times. The topics of interest are the most diverse, presenting various ornamental motifs: vegetal, anthropomorphic, scheomorphic, avimorphic reproduced by various sewing techniques but also by weaving. Depending on the predestination of textiles, there was a diversity of image complexity. Wall textiles feature complex patterns of ornamental compositions.
DOI: 10.30857/17979
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