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Title: Исследование физико-химических свойств пористого оксида ниобия
Other Titles: Study of physical and chemical properties of porous niobium oxide
Authors: Ляшок, Л. В.
Водолажченко, С. А.
Дерибо, С. Г.
Гомозов, В. П.
Keywords: electrochemical dissolution
anodic behavior
porous niobium oxide
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Исследование физико-химических свойств пористого оксида ниобия [Текст] / Л. В. Ляшок, С. А. Водолажченко, С. Г. Дерибо, В. П. Гомозов // Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019 : monograph / ed.: V. Z. Barsukov, Yu. V. Borysenko, V. G. Khomenko, O. V. Linyucheva ; editor-in-chief V. Z. Barsukov. - Kyiv : KNUTD, 2019. - С. 226-230.
Source: Promising materials and processes in applied electrochemistry – 2019
Abstract: Self-organization of porous structures during electrochemical processing is most pronounced during the formation of porous anodic metal oxides (aluminum, titanium, tungsten, niobium, tantalum). Niobium foil with a thickness of 0.1 mm and a purity of 99.99% was used as a working electrode. For the formation of niobium oxides, 1 M H2SO4 solutions with the addition of HF (0.1 M; 0.25 M; 0.5 M; 1 M) Polarization studies were carried out on a P-45X potentiostat. in potentiodynamic mode. The reference electrode is saturated silver chloride. The magnitudes of the potentials are given relative to the normal hydrogen electrode. The morphology of the obtained coatings was studied using scanning electron microscopy using a JSM-7001F microscope. It is shown that the use of fluoride ion activator and electrolytes of different nature allows at the initial stage of anodizing to provide conditions for the formation of a anodic oxide film with different surface morphology.
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