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Title: Study chemical compounds satureja montana for prospective species in Ukrainian flora
Authors: Fukleva, Larysa
Grechana, Olena
Saliy, Olena
Keywords: essential oil composition
winter savory
gas-liquid chromatography
Issue Date: Aug-2021
Publisher: International Association of Dietetic Nutrition and Safety (IADNS), Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE) and the Phytochemical Society of Asia (PSA)
Citation: Fukleva L. Study chemical compounds satureja montana for prospective species in Ukrainian flora / L. Fukleva, O. Grechana, O. Saliy // Abstracts for 5th International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (5-ISPMF), August 25 - September 01, 2021, Nanchang, China. – Р. 403.
Abstract: Summer (or garden) and winter savory in Ukraine are not official plants, but are included in the Pharmacopoeias of France and other countries. The study of the composition of the essential oil from herbal raw materials of this plant, which is cultivated in the south of Ukraine, was the aim of our work. The essential oil of winter savory (fugitive, highly mobile, light-yellow liquid) was obtained using the hydrodistillation method. A sample of the obtained essential oil was analyzed by gas-liquid chromatography on a Percin Elmer XL appliance, which is equipped with a flamingly-ionization detector and anAutosystem capillary column with a mass-detector Q-Mass 910 with a length of 30 m and an internal diameter of 0.25 mm. 24 components were identified.
Faculty: Факультет хімічних та біофармацевтичних технологій
Department: Кафедра промислової фармації
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