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Title: Methodic of perfection of higher pedagogical educational establishments girl students' rhythm
Authors: Kolumbet, A. N.
Dudorova, L. Yu.
Keywords: physical education
coordination abilities
girl students
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Kolumbet A. N. Methodic of perfection of higher pedagogical educational establishments girl students' rhythm / A. N. Kolumbet, L. Yu. Dudorova // Physical Education of Students. – 2016. – Vol. 20, No. 3. – P. 4-12.
Source: Physical Education of Students
Abstract: Purpose: to study influence of methodic of rhythm perfection on girl students’ coordination abilities. Material: in the research 264 girl students participated. We assessed individual and collective rhythm, internal and external motor rhythm; rhythm in exercises with musical accompaniment. Results: we have determined that creative motor tasks require variable conditions for their realization. We have proved demand in appropriate criteria for their assessment. It is noted that there is a demand in development of rhythm, considering its main kinds and manifestations, which are formed with some peculiarities. Individual rhythm is determined by activation of attention and its level. It is perfected more successfully rather with stimulated development than with natural. It was found that with age the character of natural progressing of rhythm preserves. Conclusions: it is recommended to develop rhythm in compliance with its kinds and manifestations. Progressing and perfection of rhythm is a long lasted process and shall be realized during all period of girl students’ studying. Such approach forms girl students’ demand in finding of purposeful motor rhythm in all their new motor actions. It ensures optimality of their fulfillment.
DOI: 10.15561/20755279.2016.0301
Faculty: Факультет підприємництва та права
Department: Кафедра фізичного виховання та здоров'я
ISSN: 2308-7250
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