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Title: Plasticification of leather semifinished chrome tanning using biocatalitic modifier
Other Titles: Пластифікація шкіряного напівфабрикату хромового дублення з використанням біокаталітичного модифікатора
Authors: Danylkovych, A.
Bilinskiy, Sergiy
Potakh, Yiliia
Keywords: semi-finished product of chrome tanning
plasticization of semi-finished product
biocatalytic modifier
skin properties
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Danylkovych A. Plasticification of leather semifinished chrome tanning using biocatalitic modifier / A. Danylkovych, S. Bilinskiy, Y. Potakh // EUREKA: Physics and Engineering. – 2018. – No. 1. – P. 12-18.
Source: EUREKA: Physics and Engineering
Abstract: The aim of the work is studying the plasticization process of semi-finished chrome tanning from hides of cattle for the production of elastic leather materials. The process of influence of biologically catalytic modifiers on the elastic properties of the leather semi-finished chrome tiling is investigated. The technological parameters of the process of plasticization-filling of leather semi-finished products are determined. The developed plasticisation process of leather semi-finished products using biocatalytic modifier 3 and aerosol A-300 provides the formation of natural leather materials with high elastic-plastic properties while saving chemical materials by 20–25%. The resulting full-fledged leather material according to the complex of properties meets the requirements for elastic leather materials for garments according to DSTU 3115-95, the interstate standard for leather for the top of shoes “GOST 939-88” and the requirements of the international standard of quality management systems “ISO 9001:2008”. Thus, the technology of plasticization-filling of leather semi-finished product was developed, which allows to increase the yield of leather material to 6.7% compared with the existing technology.
DOI: 10.21303/2461-4262.2018.00527
Faculty: Факультет хімічних та біофармацевтичних технологій
Department: Кафедра біотехнології, шкіри та хутра
ISSN: 2461-4262
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